Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CSN Stores Review: Little Tikes & Baby Jogger

If my life wasn't such a whirlwind of events and holidays, I might have gotten this review up earlier. But better late than never, and I suppose with a review it's good to have a good amount of time under our belt to test out the awesome new products that we received from CSN Stores.

When CSN Stores contacted me to do another review, I was beyond thrilled. I LOVE CSN Stores, and I love being able to shop with them. They have such a great selection of products, and for people who love to shop online, they're the best place to go for one stop shopping. For this particular review, I decided to pick out two different items... one for B-man and one for myself!

For B, I decided to get the Little Tikes Tot Sport Easy Score Basketball Goal.

Brayden had been showing great interest in basketball (well, really anything that has to do with a ball, but basketball is definitely one of them!), and we were wanting to get a basketball goal set for him. We were hesitant to purchase something that was too big, considering (at the time) I couldn't really lift him to score every time. This set really is the best of both worlds for us. It allows Brayden to score on his own, but also gives us a bit of flexibility by growing with him. The set adjusts from 2.5 feet up to 4 feet. It comes with a soft basketball, and a real net, so it looks and feels like a real goal. Brayden absolutely LOVES it. We keep the set in the house right now, and it really doesn't take up much room. I think once it gets pretty outside again in the spring we'll move it out there for him to play with. I accidentally deleted the pictures of him with his goal before Connor was born, but I do have this cute video of him when the goal was delivered to our house. He was SO excited about it!

Of course, CSN Stores came through again with the basketball set, as I actually had looked for this set at other retailers online but they were always out of stock. Not CSN Stores! They even upgraded my shipping for me, so from the time we ordered it to the time it came to the door was only a span of a few days! If you have a toddler that loves sports, this set would make the perfect Christmas gift. And CSN Stores is offering guaranteed shipment by December 24th on this set, so you really don't have an excuse not to get it!!!

This time I wanted to get something for myself as well, considering the past couple of things I've either won or reviewed have been for the little man. I had actually been waiting for CSN Stores to stock up on the Baby Jogger Belly Bar for my Baby Jogger City Mini Double.
 Luckily, they got it in stock around the same time I was picking out things to review. I had read several reviews on the CSN website that said the belly bar was good for toddlers in the City Mini. It allows them to ride in the stroller and lean forward a bit in the seat. We haven't used the double stroller that much yet since we just had Connor two weeks ago. The belly bar is installed though, and it fits perfectly. One thing I am concerned about is that it's a bit taller than I expected, so I am not sure how much it will help out Connor until he's more in the toddler stage. For Brayden though (who's 19 months), I think it will help him when he wants to have a better look and not be so reclined. I'm hoping to get the tray sometime soon to accompany the belly bar so that Brayden has somewhere to put his cups and snacks when we're out and about. Overall, I think it's a good attachment, and can't wait to use it more!

Of course, CSN Stores did great with both customer service and shipping. I really can't say a bad thing about my experience. It went smoothly, from the time I called customer service to make the order  to the time both pieces arrived on my doorstep. If you're looking for an easy way to Christmas shop this year, I DEFINITELY recommend CSN Stores.

Disclosure: In exchange for this review I received a CSN promotional code to go towards the purchase of both the basketball set and the belly bar from CSN Stores. No other compensation was received, and all opinions expressed in this review are my own. To view my full disclosure policy, please click HERE.

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