Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brayden's Strider Bike: Best. Thing. Ever.

Yesterday, if someone hadn't told me, I would have thought it was Christmas morning. Or Christmas evening really, since the UPS man came during bath time. I wasn't really sure who was more excited: Drew, who was the one who got the package, or B, who was told about the package at bathtime. 
Wanna know what was delivered?
Why, it was Brayden's new balance bike of course!


You may remember my recent post where I told you about a balance bike we were able to review for CSN Stores. In case you missed it and aren't familiar with balance bikes, basically the theory is that a child has a hard time cognitively learning how to peddle and balance at the same time. Thus, the need for training wheels. The balance bike eliminates this problem by removing the pedals and allowing the child to learn how to balance first. It develops self confidence, it allows them to go at their own pace (from tottering to actually balancing) and it sometimes even eliminates the need for training wheels once they transition to an actual bike.

The original bike we got was OK, but there were some issues with the size of the bike. Brayden loved it, but we were left to wait until he got tall enough to reach the ground when he sat on it. Enter the Strider PreBike.

After seeing my post, the Strider Sports company contacted me to let me know they wanted to see Brayden on a bike now, not when he grew a bit more, and wanted to send B a Strider bike to try out. We were more than happy to take them up on their generous offer, and have waited patiently during our blizzards last week for the bike to arrive. It showed up last night, and Brayden (and Drew) could not have been happier.... CLEARLY...
It was SO easy to put together.

Once it was together Brayden hopped right on. He EASILY touched the floor, and acted as if he'd been riding the bike all 2 years of his life.

He even spent some time tuning his new bike up for a ride :)
(crazy biker dude!)

Today he's spent a majority of the day either riding the bike around the house, or talking about it. We skyped my mom this afternoon so that she could see him ride. He was so proud. The cutest part is when he comes up behind something and says "beep beep!" as he's passing by. SO funny. I love how light the bike is; Brayden is easily able pick it up and carry it around on his own. It looks and feels like a real bike though, and Brayden has often said "like me Daddy" today as he rides around the house.

A big thank you to the Strider Sports company for making Brayden's bike dream come true! 

PS-- if you're wondering why Brayden is only wearing a diaper in these pictures, it's because when he found out his new bike was in the living room, he bolted out of the bathroom from his bath. It was all we could do to get a diaper on him while Drew put the bike together. Be thankful... you almost got pictures of him naked with his new bike... haha!

Disclosure: The Strider PreBike was given to our family as a gift from Strider Sports Intl. Inc. All opinions and views in this post are my own, and I was in no other way compensated for this post. To view my blog's complete disclosure, click HERE.

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