Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I WANT...

Perhaps it's because it's the New Year, and everyone has organizational items and new home decor out, but I really have the desire to redo our living room. More so, the floors than anything else. Our carpets are disgusting and since all of the traffic goes through the living room, wooden floors would be nice, perhaps with a nice modern rug to top it off?

In dreaming of my new living room floors, I hopped on over to CSN Stores. I mean, you do realize that they offer virtually everything under the sun? Floor coverings are no exception. They have a fabulous selection of modern rugs... Look at this beautiful rug that they carry:

If you've read my blog for long, you probably know by now that I LOVE Red. It's an accent color throughout our house, so this would flow perfectly-- with those nice wooden floors of course ;o) Believe it or not, they offer wood flooring too. I am a sucker for the distressed flooring look (because we all know having two boys means it will look distressed whether I want it to or not!) Check out these beauties:

 As I was looking at rugs and thinking of flooring, I came across these cute chairs:
They offer other colors too, and the print is so adorable!

Of course, while perusing all of the cute modern stuff that CSN Stores offers, I thought about how one day I'd love to have a playroom. I thought this rug would be so cute in a gender neutral playroom:

And what's a playroom with awesome new toys... CSN Stores carries some of the coolest modern toys I've seen. One of my new faves is the balance bikes they carry.
Some friends of ours got one of these for their little girl for Christmas and she LOVES it.

I really could go on and on about everything I WANT. But for now, I guess I'll keep dreaming over at CSN Stores. Perhaps you should go and dream too ;o)