Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CSN Stores Review: Get Ready!

When CSN Stores contacted me about doing a review of one of the MANY products they sell, I jumped on the opportunity. I mean, who wouldn't right? With over 200+ online stores, it's basically a shoppers paradise. I literally could spend HOURS browsing the many products they sell.  
For instance, I was thinking of my sister getting married in October, and how we haven't purchased a wedding gift yet, so I browsed through their dinnerware selection. While browsing, I came across some super cute kids dinnerware, which we'll be in need of soon since B is becoming a big boy and will need to learn to eat with a spoon, fork and bowl instead of scooping with his hands. I saw this set and thought it was so cute:
After spending way too much time looking at dishes, I thought about browsing some of their super cute kids toys. Brayden's really into tractors right now, and thought this would make a cute Christmas gift:
Then I went back to my nature... my practical side. I realized that I needed to get something to review that would work for BOTH boys... something that we all needed, and something that I desperately wanted. I can't wait to reveal to you what I've been given the opportunity to review (feel free to leave a guess in the comments about what I will be reviewing!). Until then though, you should definitely go and browse through CSN Stores yourself... trust me, if you wanted (or were able), you could spend a week perusing their sites. It's that awesome!

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