Monday, August 23, 2010

As Brayden has gotten older, I have become more and more frustrated with having to label EVERY single piece of everything he owns when we go to any type of childcare. As the laws for childcare facilities get stricter, it seems there are more and more requirements for everything that your kids bring with them. I guess in a way it's good, since I don't really want B to be sucking on someone else's sippy cup or paci, but it's also annoying because permanent markers are, surprise, not permanent when the markings are washed in the dishwasher. And I know this sounds petty, but I hate it when I forget to rewrite his name on his cups/paci, and then someone at church will do it and their handwriting is nasty looking. I know, like I said, petty. Due to all of my frustration I had been looking at getting some waterproof labels for some of Brayden's things to take the labeling burden off of my pregnant mind. Enter Label Your Stuff.

When Label Your Stuff contacted me about doing a review, I was beyond excited. They offered EXACTLY what I wanted, plus MORE. All I really needed was a few little stickers for B's sippy cups, and I had to control myself from trying to get everything they offered. Who knew you could get waterproof labels for your kids shoes? What a genius idea! I ended up picking out some blue labels with Brayden's name and a car icon. They turned out SO cute... check it out:
Label Your Stuff has a great selection of icons to add to your labels to add that cute touch that your kids will love. I chose a car icon since Brayden is all about cars, trucks and construction vehicles right now. The minute they went on his cups, he pointed them out, and still points them out whenever I hand him his cup. I think it makes him proud, because he'll say "dis" and then smile really big and walk off. Silly boy!

I received both the standard labels and the mini labels. I will say that the standard labels are the same size as the standard address labels you can get at an office store, so they are a bit big for a sippy. If you're looking for something for sippy cups or the like, I'd recommend the mini labels, that way you can put them on the lids as well. The quality of the labels seems really durable; they have a linen/plastic type feel, and stick really well. The instructions told me not to wash anything for 24 hours after application, so we are waiting to run the dishwasher. We did just that. The label stuck like a charm to the cup; however, I have the lids that have the rubber on top (it's the soft spouted gerber kind), and the label came off of the lid since I applied it to the rubber top. That probably has more to do with the surface I tried to attach it to and not the label itself, since the label is securely attached to the cup and doesn't budge even a millimeter. The next cup I do, I'll put the mini label on the side of the lid where it's hard plastic.

And since we can't leave out the baby on the way, Label Your Stuff sent a bag tag for Connor for his diaper bag. It's made out of a sturdy plastic, with our address on the back, and a cute design on the front. A perfect addition to the hand me down bag I'd say, don't you think?
Overall, I was very impressed with the service and products of Label Your Stuff and would definitely do business with them again. In fact, the shoe labels might be on my list of things to get for B if he ever starts going to Mothers Day Out or Preschool regularly. If you're looking for a place to get items to personalize your kid stuff, I'd definitely encourage you to head on over to Label Your Stuff. And let me know if you get anything-- I'd love to see what you pick out!

Disclosure: I received the label sets and bag tag free of charge from Label Your Stuff in order to do this review. I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions in this review are my own. For my full disclosure policy, please click HERE.

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