Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rhea Lana's: How I Fared.

Today was our fall Rhea Lana's sale. I enjoyed a quiet morning at home (Drew took the boys for me so I could have some peace), and then left early so I could stand in line at the sale. I was really nervous for some reason this year; I think it had more to do with the AMOUNT of stuff there than anything, as this was their largest sale yet, and it was PACKED to the rim with all kinds of kids stuff. I was able to get most of the toys I wanted (I scored a brand new in box Bunco game! yay!), plus almost all of the clothes I wanted for the boys. I forgot to take a picture of all of our toys, so you'll just have to take my word that I got some great stuff for the boys for Christmas (side note: I know some people don't really like giving second hand gifts for holidays and birthdays. But I feel like for now, that it's the best way for us to get them exactly what they want and not break our budget, especially when they don't even know the difference right now anyways). Here are their clothes... SO cute!

C-man's clothes. I was able to get him mostly name brand, like Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Carter's, baby Gap (his khakis were my fave find of the day-- $4 baby Gap khakis!).
This is some of B's clothes. Notice that B and C got some matching jammies!
The other pieces of B's collection

When I went back through everything, I realized aside from the orange striped rugby shirt I got for B, everything I bought for the boys is name brand (one of the chaps shirts I got for C was BRAND NEW-- didn't even know it till I got home and saw the tag on it!). Brayden spent a good while this afternoon going through everything. He would look through it and then hold up a shirt or pair of pants and say "oh look Momma. This cute!" haha! He also insisted he wear his "new" snow boots... with his basketball shorts. I didn't get a picture, but trust me-- it was a sight to behold!

If you're local and want to check out Rhea Lana's, the sale opens tomorrow and runs through August 23rd (the 22nd is a 25% off day, and the 23rd is 50% off day!). Happy Shopping!

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